Kitten #1 — SQUEAKER

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My aunt has some kittens available for adoption around Thanksgiving. If you are interested, leave a comment here and i will hook you up with adorableness 🙂

Squeaker – this all black female kitten loves to play. Her opinions are expressed in vocalizations that can mean anything from “hi” to “got food?”. She is not shy, and is the first or second one who comes running over to see what is going on.

Gratuitous Pindzele shot

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I’m thinking I might change her name from Pindzele to Pixel. She kind of looks like she’s pixelated *and* she doesn’t really react to any name particularly consistently anyway… so until we get the “come when you’re called” down, I figure it’s still OK to change her name.


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David asked what the critter is called…. officially her name is “Pindzele” which means paintbrush in Latvian. Yesterday, however, her name was @#!(*&!!! which also translates as “no! no! no! no! NOOOO!”

we had some issues.

oh, the joys of having a kitten.

To appease my aunt….

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Have some hastily cropped pictures of the newest fambly member….

I can’t tell you how many pictures of this critter were ones of her walking away from me. It’s very hard to capture front views or facial expressions because this critter does not sit still. ever.

a cauldron of bottle caps!

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A friend from work found out I collect bottle caps for another friend’s wife’s art projects and swore to me he had “…a cauldron of them at home…” apparently in his front closet. I didn’t believe him…

looks like I should have 🙂

Quilt destruction… are you missing any panels?

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Art is at your own risk at my house… here’s what might happen if you choose to spread out over a room that you are not actively guarding: