glass beads

Here are a few of the results of all of my hours spent in my garage studio. I have a whole bunch of beads that are slowly being made into focal points on a new line of jewelry I’m working on. I want to do soemthing different than just stringing beads on a sharp stick…

ummm… still working on getting the hang of the new camera… the middle left pin was photographed with amazing focus.. the rest of them… not so hot… I’m going to try again over the weekend and update with clearer pictures if possible.

More next steps include… finding a supplier for jewelry boxes. I’ve been looking locally over lunch with not much luck… after checking out one more ‘lead’ this weekend, I may have to order off of the internet… somewhere. I haven’t looked on-line just yet…. I get too tired of sitting in front of a comptuer while at work…

4″x4″ tiles

(glass & mirror on tiles)

(magazine ad cut out and glued to a tile)

what do you think – do you notice that one of these pictures are before sealing and one of these is *after* sealant?

Pyrex, take 1

i’m learning how to work with pyrex…
these are flower pendants…… they are also called ‘implosions’.
If you click on them – the actual image is pretty big and you can see a decent amount of detail.

I need to get my act together and figure out a way to take my setup into the Vinery for a little help attaching the regulators and stuff that I don’t remember how to do. yeah. i feel silly. i’ve been taught how to do it before… but suddenly, when it’s my hosue we’re talking about, I get scared about exploding my garage or something. That would be A Very Bad Thing.