A lesson in recycling

I had always been taught to use a container at my jeweler’s desk to catch metal filings, so I could melt those little bits and make more things…. but I never really took that seriously since I was working on things that seemed so small as to be inconsequential.  Well guess what.  Even though small, it adds up!  See those 10 little balls of silver near the top-middle of this picture?  Those are were made from  the metal filings from the other silver shown (like, literally I collected all the bits I filed off of all those circles shown in this picture).  HOLY MOLY.  What didn’t look like a very big pile of metal dust turned into something I use on other jewelry with almost no work on my part, other than to be a little more diligent about where my dust falls.






I can’t believe how much silver I’ve wasted up til now.



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