What’s missing? Opinions, plz.

I have some 28-odd half-finished prints spread out all over my art room. They look more-or-less like the image on the right side of this photo. Now I need opinions from my loyal readers: What would make the image on the RIGHT look complete, wanting for nothing?

The image on the left is a trial print (i guess you might call it a proof) that I think has potential. If I decided to go with a variation of the left side, I would move the snowflakes up a bit and perhaps block out 1 or 2 of them so that the figure isn’t obscured… or maybe rotate the snowflakes? Hmmmmm….

You have approximately 20 hours to get your opinions in.

I want to be done printing all of them tomorrow night so that they can dry overnight, I can crop & package them on Thursday, and put them in the mail on Friday.

5 Replies to “What’s missing? Opinions, plz.”

  1. Agree that the left one needs to have a couple snowflakes taken out, esp. the one over the dude in the bottom left corner. I like the one on the right. Is it daytime or nighttime? If its nightime a silver quarter-moon at a wonky angle might look cool to fill out some sky space.

  2. I LOVE that the snowflakes obscure the figure! It’s more 3D – it’s like that snowflake is right in front of my face! I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I don’t know what the one on the right needs? Maybe another tree or figure next to the tree? just a lot of white space in the middle with the tree so far to the right.

  3. Hey, I know I am creepily obsessed with your prints, but is there any way I could buy one of these. I keep thinking about it. must mean I need one.
    and it will be perfect in my spare bedroom.

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