These two paintings need your help…

There’s something missing from both of them and I’ve had no luck figuring out what it is… I’m sure I could just sit down with paint and ‘doodle’ but there’s a good chance that if I do that I’ll end up massively changing the ‘feel’ or the ‘look’ of the painting to the point where it won’t be recognizable as what I’m showing here right now… thoughts? ideas? suggestions?

2 Replies to “These two paintings need your help…”

  1. I lovelovelove the one on the left – don’t change it! I like how it looks like it’s sunlit from the bottom left. I don’t have any brilliant suggestions for the one on the right. I like the curvy-stripey part in the middle, but maybe a little more ‘depth’ to the blues on the side? I don’t know …

  2. The sun-looking one on the left might benefit from a spindly/snaking treelike thing in the lower right, or a wispy hand, holding the sun aloft. Those’re just my opinions though, and I wouldn’t say it NEEDS them, just suggestions for someone felt something was missing from those 🙂

    As for the one on the right: I almost see a small geometric inclusion (something lighter/yellow) to give more contrast to the blues, but that might totally wreck the fluid, liquid textures you’re rocking there. Maybe one parallel curve of a brighter color (like a rich cherry red) inside the right curve (it’d look like a big letter C if that helps you position it)

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