Whales, ahoy!

I have found a new favorite pen, and it is purple!


Saturday night whales and knitting




Unofficial goal for this year is to sketch more.  At least a little bit every day.  Here’s what came out of the first three days of the year 🙂  GOOD STUFF!

Playing with patterns – 2012 Garezera 3×3

Every so often I realize I’ve not done a very thorough job of showing the stuff I’ve made…. this mosaic is from the 2012 workshop in Michigan.  (Another case of OMG I NEED AN EXAMPLE NOW which resulted in a tile that I quite like!  Of course, i might not photograph all the ones i *don’t* like…..)

ATC – more pink & green fun

Decided that pink and green weren’t so bad and that this paper/pen combo was REALLY satisfying. I think I made a few other pink/green ones, but…. I seem to have lost them. Huh.

Pink ATCs

OK. Pink and green. 

 I couldn’t do JUST pink (although the original theme I signed up for was “pink”). 
Note that neither of these is the ATC that I actually sent out…..  I seem to have forgotten to photograph that one.  It was similar to these with some added antique gold marker, too.