Misc beads…. none of them match….

Spent some time in my garage today making beads…. now what?

I s’pose in other news it might be itneresting to note that this means I switched over from hard glass (pyrex, COE-36) to soft glass (moretti & one or two of those other brands, COE-104) which means I needed to readjust where/how I set the oxypropane torch (in terms of psi AND in terms of what kind of flame I use when)… ummm….. I discovered that it’s not really easy for me to switch from one style to the other when I haven’t touched the soft glass in months and months and months…. i ended up with a bunch off soot-y streak-y beads
BUT! the good news is that they DID get progressively better and more clear so I would say that I am starting to remember what I need to adjust for what 🙂 yay!

now to figure out what to do with these beads….

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