Hi!  My name is Laima, and I live in Wisconsin. I’m a first-generation Latvian who plays with various forms of art whenever I can.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of materials, and in my spare time you will find me mid-project in a variety of mediums. I love metalwork, cement sculpting, painting, illustrating and creating beautiful, functional things.  Much of my inspiration stems from Latvian culture, stories, and traditions. In fact,  you’ll notice that some of my work is titled in Latvian. The last five+ years I’ve even been teaching a week-long glass art class in Michigan, as well as trying to figure out more ways to fit more art *stuff* into my every day existence.   Someone recently asked me what percentage of the contents of my home = art supplies…. the answer is… a LOT.

Sometimes some of my art even makes it out into the world for sale.

I’m a lover of homemade chai, rolling hills, pretty much any kind of sourdough bread, bicycles and making things (duh!). I’m fascinated by how things work, love trying to reverse engineer things, and enjoy sitting by & cooking things on a fire.  I also have an extensive spice collection and a mild aversion to following recipes exactly as written.  Oh and, I detour a lot.

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  1. We were siting around trying to recall the Epic TS lineage for Mercy. I found a final email from you in June 2011. From there Carol looked you up on Facebook. She found a reference to this site. We have throughly enjoyed reading yor Bio and looking at each of your paintings. Oh as you may have guessed, Carol Long and I got married in the Fall 2013.

    Great to see you enjoyiubng yourself in all things art…

    Hahns Fisher

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