Guess who is going to the Vinery to sandblast this week?

I quite enjoy using this pink duct tape instead of the grey stuff 😉  Thanks to that long ago 3-year bag arranger for getting it for me 🙂  My goal is to finish cutting ALL of the existing glass in my house, sandblast it, and then be done with this stuff for …..  ever?  for years?  For a long time anyway.  I enjoy other projects more than this one (although I did get quite a bit of “quality TV time” in while working on these the other day).

More mugs…

You know, it’s hard to keep to a weekly posting schedule in the end of November & beginning of December because you might not want to post pictures of things you’ve made if they are going to eventually be gifts… these were gifted today, so it’s safe to post them:

Morella’s mug

Made on Friday November 23rd (^_^)
which just happens to be Morella’s birthday!

Technically, this was a team effort. Someone in china made & glazed the mug. I cut the design. My mother was kind enough to wrap it before I headed off to the sandblaster…. which did not like me, so after 40 minutes, 2 bruises, and a bunch of swearing, I asked my father to do it for me 🙂

…why on earth i felt the need to spell out all those details for you, I have NO IDEA….