Patio in progress

I am assembling a small cement patio for under the wisteria trellis.

Cement patio in progress

So far, it’s made of 1 cement stepping stone I made as an example for a class I taught, and the bricks are found bricks (some people throw away perfectly good bricks!). I might have to break down and buy some bricks to finish this… My pile-o-scraps is not really working to fill this out into a nice rectangle right now

Refinishing a cabinet

Found this at a local thrift store and thought it was too cool to pass up.  I started stripping the old paint with enthusiasm….. but now I’m not so sure I like the look of the plain wood. Maybe this is a piece better suited to being painted after all? What do you think?


 BEFORE starting:

Cabinet BEFORE

AFTER some stripping on Day 1:

Cabinet AFTER some stripping

The weather has been nice enough (and I’m back in town) that I figure it’s time to start up on this project again.  I would love to put this in its place in my studio/office!

Monhegan Island inspired paintings

I recently spent 5 days on a small island 12 miles off the coast of Maine with a group of 13 other artists. It was an impulse purchase/decision I made at the end of January, and might be the best thing I’ve decided to do so far in 2015.

I started some 9 pieces, mostly acrylic, but a few watercolors, too.  Day 1 resulted in this:

Day 1 results


Here are the three most finished pieces: Blue, Bluer, and Bluest.

Blue - Phase 1Blue - Phase 2Blue - Phase 3Blue

(the progression of) Blue