Multiple perspectives

I really enjoy seeing multiple perspective of things. One way this manifests is that i just LOVE to look at the end result of art projects where either the whole class/room/group is given a description of the assignment and we see how all the end results are different OR things like what Corning Glass did here where they took (what appear to be) children’s drawings, made them out of glass, and posted both the idea + end result.

Here are two examples from the Corning Glass Museum site……

On paper:

In glass:


Guess who is going to the Vinery to sandblast this week?

I quite enjoy using this pink duct tape instead of the grey stuff 😉  Thanks to that long ago 3-year bag arranger for getting it for me 🙂  My goal is to finish cutting ALL of the existing glass in my house, sandblast it, and then be done with this stuff for …..  ever?  for years?  For a long time anyway.  I enjoy other projects more than this one (although I did get quite a bit of “quality TV time” in while working on these the other day).

Ooooh! Shiny!

I’ve been playing around with a new technique: polishing stuff in a rock tumbler. Initial results? WOW!!! Sooooo shiny!

And there’s an extra bonus, too. Yesterday I found out that half an hour is enough to polish the silver BUT LEAVES MY DICHRO ALONE… Which is awesome because that means I can polish all of my glass bezel pendant without dealing with the buffer!

Dirty patterns

These are nowhere near done, and in fact are very dirty. But sometimes I think that the patterns left on a piece just after soldering are just so neat.