Reflectors as art

After many years of folks complaining they can never remember where to turn in to my house, I put some reflectors up on one of the trees next to my driveway. This is a variation of the Latvian symbol for good luck (Laimes zīme):


Laimes Zime Koka

What I didn’t realize is just how happy it makes me to drive past this. Day or night, sun or rain, this thing makes me grin.  The next step is to repeat this on the other tree across the way, so that my place is easy to find from either direction.


Last week’s art night = something actually accomplished!




Oil-based sharpie on black paint on a broken cutting board. Now to seal it eleventy billion times, and figure out how and where to best mount it in the front yard.

And now… the post you’ve all been waiting for…..

Sooooo……I made steampunk twinchies for a swapbot swap. They even turned out quite decently steampunk, I thought… and then I got this rating:

Now, the $64-million dollar question is…. Do *you* see a frog here?  

Or perhaps a less leading question, what are the critters that you see in these sets?

I *intended* them to be (left to right, starting in top row):

spider, owl, bird
chicken, owl, spider

Is that what you guessed?

(this still makes me laugh and laugh and laugh 🙂

Burned Bird ATC

Slightly misleading title. The TREES were burned before being glued down, not the bird. 

This might possibly be my favorite ATC so far.

Owl cameos

Experimenting with owls & cameos. Need more practice. Also – i need to try new glues. These glues ended up with unexpected results (1) The underlying glue loosened the pink & green paper dye (so the white pieces did not stay white – they were a bit streaky) AND turned the some of the papers semi-translucent. ARG. (2) The Mod Podge on top managed to smear glitter all over instead of keeping it in only the cameo border. DOH.

April Art = Experimenting with ATCs and burned paper

I started experimenting with ATC’s in April, too.
 ATC = Artist Trading Card.
 It’s a pretty neat concept.

The theme for these two was “Burned”.  SO they had to include some kind of burned something. It’s hard to see in these, but if you look close, you can see where the edges of the paper are charred.  It was surprisingly hard to get intentional burn marks without simply incinerating the whole thing.

October = felt?

This month I prepared my very first fascinator for use at a fancy tea party:

Turns out that they are really fun to make AND I now see fascinator possibilities everywhere I look! Which means I’ll be hosting my own tea party in January or February just to have a reason to create (and wear!) another one (^_^) And since I made too many green felt “flowers”, I then experimented with barrette possibilities:

I’m surprised at how much I actually liked how those barrettes turned out!