David asked what the critter is called…. officially her name is “Pindzele” which means paintbrush in Latvian. Yesterday, however, her name was @#!(*&!!! which also translates as “no! no! no! no! NOOOO!”

we had some issues.

oh, the joys of having a kitten.

New project = BOAT!

For the plant lovers who watch this blog, check out the progression of the amazingly huge rose bush by my garage…. it’s very nearly taller than the garage these days. amazing!

At the bottom of these images is my new summer project = refinishing a boat!

new boat = fun stuff coming up later this summer! 🙂
once i re-learn how to sail, anyway…..


Proof positive for my mom that the wisteria has decided it likes it by my house!

Summer Sunset

Here’s another small image found in last week’s squiggly watercolor:

I haven’t decided if just matting it will suffice or if I’ll want to bring attention to the person/lakeshore/etc by drawing over what’s already there. Hmmmm…..