4″x4″ tiles

(glass & mirror on tiles)

(magazine ad cut out and glued to a tile)

what do you think – do you notice that one of these pictures are before sealing and one of these is *after* sealant?

Painted while living in Japan.
Watercolors and ink.
very small…. about 2″ square.

tiles in progress….

i wouldn’t bother clicking on the picture to see it bigger – this is being kept intentionally small since all of what is pictured here is in progress. i’d like to figure out a way to make these into both a coaster and a wall hanging… but the hanging hardware i’ve found so far isn’t cooperating. plus, i think i should have attached the hanging hardware *before* gluing on photos/paper because any glue i use now can’t be cured by heat — or it *can* but i’d have to watch pretty carefully. i’m not sure if the chemicals modern paper is treated with make paper more or less flammable. hmm.

Garden monsters?

These were harder to make than the other cement sculptures because the partly set cement was all crumbly which made me have to keep changing my design to make up for ears and eyebrows and eyeballs that crumbled off as I tried to shape them.

As of last night, I think I finally figured out WHY the cement was acting differently…. I forgot to close my bag of portland cement all the way, so I *think* that the integrity of the cement was compromised by all the water the portland cement had absorbed from the air… especially considering the large amounts of rain we’ve had in the last few weeks… now i don’t know what to do with my half empty, but slightly damp bag of portland cememnt… any ideas?

NOT zombies….. almost people!

Well…. not perfect, but less like zombies than a good number of other paintings from the recent past. The question remains….. do i attempt to ‘fix’ the lady in the dress so she’s not slouching? Or do you like the uncertainty of her stance? and does her dress need straps?