Multiple perspectives

I really enjoy seeing multiple perspective of things. One way this manifests is that i just LOVE to look at the end result of art projects where either the whole class/room/group is given a description of the assignment and we see how all the end results are different OR things like what Corning Glass did here where they took (what appear to be) children’s drawings, made them out of glass, and posted both the idea + end result.

Here are two examples from the Corning Glass Museum site……

On paper:

In glass:

I got new knobs!!!

New cabinet knobs!

My mother is trying out something new and I’m the tester. Glass photo transfer in Latvian designs. Sweet!

Catching up with October art – 1 of 8

Holy cow, it’s been 2 months since I FTP’d any pictures of stuff over here. Eeeek! Ok. Let’s celebrate the beginning of the new year by catching up on art stuff from the past 3 months…… starting with classic October activities…. Here are some more pumpkins that we carved at art night at Lara’s house just a few days before Halloween!

Carving 9+ pumpkins led to a whole lot of pumpkin seeds, too – most of which ended up roasted. These were fun to play with in the bowl to make nifty designs:

Art from Ventura

no hotel art. sorry. i was too wiped out. no airport art because I was too entertained walking around and doing other stuff. HOWEVER. I do have someone else’s art to share! Check this out — I bid on a small print in a silent auction while at Dziesmu Svetki in Ventura…. and I won! It just came in the mail while I was out last week:

(artist = M. Taube)