Patio in progress

I am assembling a small cement patio for under the wisteria trellis.

Cement patio in progress

So far, it’s made of 1 cement stepping stone I made as an example for a class I taught, and the bricks are found bricks (some people throw away perfectly good bricks!). I might have to break down and buy some bricks to finish this… My pile-o-scraps is not really working to fill this out into a nice rectangle right now

Cement Snail!

This summer I wanted to show some folks that a cement sculpture could, in fact, be made from start to finish in 5 days or less.  
Here is the result:

I admit that this guy isn’t 100% complete (I want to extend the mosaics down to where the shell ends) BUT it only took me approximately 5-6 hours over the course of 5 days to get this far. I’m confident that if I weren’t teaching other things at the same time as I was working on this, I’d have finished this guy AND made another 1 or 2 sculptures.

Playing with patterns – 2012 Garezera 3×3

Every so often I realize I’ve not done a very thorough job of showing the stuff I’ve made…. this mosaic is from the 2012 workshop in Michigan.  (Another case of OMG I NEED AN EXAMPLE NOW which resulted in a tile that I quite like!  Of course, i might not photograph all the ones i *don’t* like…..)

Mosaic tile – 2013 Garezera 3×3

One of several tiles made during this summer’s 3×3 in Michigan.
I need examples to demo on (so i don’t have to demo anything on a students’ work), so I end up with a couple of these a year.  I don’t think I photographed the smaller one I did (but i gave it to my mom, so maybe i can get a picture of that one from her).