2016 Giveaway #4! (CLOSED)

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Week #4 of “Art Every Day” needs a giveaway.

Day22  IMG_7082.JPG  IMG_7066.JPG  IMG_7087.JPG
I’ll send 7 lucky winners prints from this week (each person gets one of this week’s daily art prints). Just make a comment here on this post before midnight central time on Sunday, February 28th and I will pull 7 names at random on Monday morning and drop’em off at the post office later that day. Do make sure your blog comment has a link to your email address or some way for me to contact you. —no anonymous entries please—

No cost to you and I’ll ship anywhere in the world to the winners.

IMG_7091.JPG  IMG_7101.JPG  IMG_7111.JPG

Have a great week!


ETA: The lucky winners!