Silk painting

Two Christmases ago my parents gave me a silk painting kit. It took me until this past weekend to get up enough courage to try it out. Not surprisingly, I’m starting with abstract colors and SALT! I’m totally enamoured with the effects you can get by sprinkling salt on wet watercolors…. you can see the salt crystals in the 3rd picture (where I haven’t brushed them off just yet).

Now what…. what do I do with these? Hmmmm…………

Skull pancake!!

First interesting pancake of 2010! oh wait. this is not a pancake. this is injera made wisconsin style (with miller light BEER instead of club soda!)

Small Fish Prints

So a while back I ordered a different kind of linoleum composite to try out for printmaking and I’m sad to say that I don’t really like it all that much. It’s harder to cut than the stuff I was using before (though still not as hard as true battleship linoleum) and it’s more likely to curl it’s edges under which makes printing hard. I’m currently drying a couple blocks under a heavy weight to see if I maybe can press the curve out, but I’m not exactly holding my breath. It also seems more sensitive to ink consistency than the stuff I was using before. I was trying out a new ink that turned out to be WAY waterier than I’m used to, and that stuff printed even more poorly than the ones in this picture. hmmmm. I will still figure out a way to use them up and work with them. I hope.