Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

while i’m posting embarassing pictures

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Check out how cool dusty spots can be just before you clean them!!!


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I thought I could move an entertainment center downstairs by myself.

I was wrong.

(Nothing was hurt in this process but my pride. and the entertainment center. And it’s possible that the cats thought the world was ending)

A small territorial stake

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Here is baby step #1 to getting a fence up around my front yard:

It’s the far end that was the crucial bit to my territorial stake. SO far, no news from the neighbors. Is this good? Or the calm before the storm?

Winter sowing

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Laura asked how to be able to identify seedlings when you are growing your own from scratch . . . . I suggest winter sowing. . . . not only is it low effort and it makes you feel better about the winter (because you’re doing a spring-ish activity in the dead of winter) but it also keeps all your seeds together in one place so that you can definitively identify what’s what before planting them elsewhere in May/June.

I got a little carried away this winter (15 of ’em!!! yikes.)

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wow…. 2+ months without any new posts. sorry about that. I am now officially home and (mostly) recovered from south america . . . . . and now fighting with my computer to let me get pictures off of my SD memory card. so. as soon as we finish arguing about who is going to win, I will start posting stuff again.

Blogging by mail!!!

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SO, a full week after this package arrived… I am getting around to posting it. Apologies for the delay….

Last week Tuesday I came home to find a package from Amelia on my doorstep! Check it out:

There’s everything a girl might want in this box (^_^) food, tools, and things to make me pretty!

In all we have here: two different kinds of dark chocolate (one with ginger and one with sea salt), some tasty looking canned goods (chow-chow, pear preserves, and a jar of green pepper jelly — this green pepper jelly is the one I’m currently most curious about…. what do I do with it? Hmmmmmm. There will be some recipe investigation on that one for sure.), some gravy (I love gravy!), some black bean soup mix (MmMmMmmmm… perfect for fall weather), a silcon-lined hotpad to protect me while trying out all these new ingredients, some lovely silk-screened cards, the bestest smelling rosemary-mint soap, and two necklaces — which I tried on immediately, of course:

Thank you Amelia from Georgia!

(I wish I knew which of the 117 websites was yours, so I could give you proper credit for this by linking to you 🙂 and, I confess, I’m also curious to learn a little more about the person who sent this lovely stuff my way.

And thank you, too, to Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness for coordinating a fun blogging event like this! Check out the other folks who participated, if you have time and/or are curious.

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oh man, I am not up-to-speed on this blog. I keep promising people weekly updates and I haven’t even updated the sidebar to show May intentions and May is practically over. I have many pictures just waiting to be cropped & FTP’d and posted up here…. it’s just a matter of making myself come inside to do it. This kind of makes me want to invest in a laptop so I can sit outside & do this stuff. Think that would work?