Future plans = not-quite quilting

These used to be ties. I have plans. Plans that involve modgepodge (or more likely: polyurethane) and an earlier posted “future project”. Yup. Would something like this be considered “anti-quilting”?

Future project = pottery!

I have a lot of pottery equipment at home that’s just *begging* to be used. Much of it is lent to me & I want to make sure to keep it in good condition while I have it, so I figure I should really make it a priority to fire up the engines & kilns to make sure they stay (in the case of anything with an engine) well-oiled and in working condition.

This will be a LOT of work in prep as nearly all of the (many many pounds) of clay I have (both earthenware and stoneware) is kind of….. rock hard.

Future Project = Cement statue or birdbath

Here’s the skeleton for a sculpture or (sculptural) bird bath to be made out of lightweight cement. I have yet to do *any* cement work this summer & the warm weather is fast disappearing, so I would like to make a move on this project sooner rather than later….. cement is FUN but it’s also…. heavy & dusty & dirty …. and time consuming to make….. the time part is the part which has been slowing this one down. In many ways it’s a whole day commitment to decide to work on cement.