AED – Mar2016

Art Every Day – Day 56

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Made Latvian Easter eggs with the family.  IN THE SUN.  On a porch.  It was fantastic!

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Art Every Day – Day 55

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I did not make this during the “Art Every Day” BUT I re-located it and made sure it was solidly assembled during AED 😀

March 26

Art Every Day – Day 54

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I got tired of laying my prints out all over every flat surface, so after a little internet research, I realized I can make my own hanging drying rack for under $5!

March 25

Art Every Day – Day 53 – mat cutter

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With the help of the great folks over at Sector67, I finally assembled my (formerly free-wheeling) mat cutter into a more stable tool.  It’s way way more fun to cut mats now than it was before!


(even if I maybe miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight have assembled this sliiiiiiiiiightly backwards…. ooops.  I’m still debating whether it’s worth the effort to swap it the right way or not….)

Art Every Day – Day 49 – EDIBLE art!

Years ago my parents gave me a plastic bottle intended for making pancakes easy. I never actually tried it until *today* — and in among spirals and an accidental turtle pancake came this little robot dude!


I couldn’t decide which of these two photos to post, so you get TWO photos of the robot pancake – one with and one without the most awesome WI-shaped cast iron pan.


Thanks to Jesse for encouraging some pancake drawing beyond just spirals!