At a friend’s suggestion, instead of immediately shoveling my driveway, I built a snowman! (snowgirl? snowbear? snowballerina?)

And also decided that my new(ish) bumblebee sculpture (acquired at a local flea market just before Halloween this year) looked pretty neat-o in the snow, too:

Needless to say, not much shoveling happened tonight 🙂

Disgruntled holiday cookies!!!

This weekend there was a small cookie baking event at D’s house…. two people made ‘normal’ cookies on one side of the kitchen… meanwhile, on the other side… little did they know that B would start an all out disgruntled/disturbed/demented cookie cutting spree…. ok…. maybe D *did* know what would happen if B were involved…. enjoy!

By me:

By B:

(Hopefully I’ll get to post a few more in the next few days if I get more pictures sent to me… I find myself wishing I’d had my camera along pretty often at D’s house….. there were sooo many more cookies i wish i’d have caught on ‘film’!)

two projects from my classes at MATC

These were *not* my idea… but they’ve (both) kind of grown on me…. it’s either a napkin holder or something to hold bills/letters/mail…. at any rate, it’s *heavy* and still quite *dirty*…. and slightly out of season, I guess…

Here is what tonight’s project was. This tool box was incredibly fun to make 🙂 I like sheet metal!

Scarecrow by Laima’s mom

How COOL is this!!?!
I love it!

My mom just sent me these pictures of her latest scarecrow. possibly her only scarelady. I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask 🙂 I say “her latest” scarecrow as if she makes it a point to make them. she doesn’t even like them particularly much. I think she may have made it to enter some contest. ok. i just proved that i wasn’t really listening. hmmm. i plead this: i was far too excited about the brand new digital camera i just bought tonight!!!! 12x optical zoom – how cool is that!!?! i can’t wait to post more pictures of projects. Look again on Sunday/Monday night since the camera doesn’t arrive until Friday…


Did I ever post this? One day this summer I bought some shrinkydink paper at the most excellent price of 50 cents and demanded that a friend of mine come over to make shrinkydinks with me. One of these is my work and the other 6 are Craig’s. Who wants to guess which one is mine?

I made a couple others that have not been photographed, yet, but will update with those (as usual) once i get my hands on a digital camera. no. i still haven’t bought one.