Food as art?

Some of us may have gotten a little over-enthusiastic while picking strawberries last week… what you see here is almost 9 lbs of strawberries being washed… which were later turned in to:
– Straw-blu-barb streusel
– Strawberry meringues
– Strawberry gelato
– Strawberry salad
– Straweberry-papaya shakes
– Frozen strawberry yogurt

…and we still have a BIG bowl left of them for eating fresh…. unfortunately no one at my house wants to look at strawberries any more at the moment….

more tie dye….

More tie dye from last week…. there are still a few other things I haven’t photographed yet…. but I think I am moving on to other stuff πŸ™‚

Food as art

Here’s what we did on Sunday:

we made (braided) a bazillion Choereg (Armenian Easter Bread).
They turned out really neat!
(and tasty, too!)

Tie Dye folding chair!

After much strenuous re-stretching of the silly canvas (never put these things in the dryer. never.) we have two fully functioning folding chairs again πŸ™‚ and instead of a before and after shot, you get to see both at once. I’m not disassembling and re-assembling these chairs ever again if I can avoid it. (but if I ever do, the white one may get tie dyed, too!)

7 random things

Since I was tagged and I feel like sitting downstairs for a bit… I will fill out the request, but with the standard L-edits

The Rules:
β€’ Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself
β€’ People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
β€’ Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names
β€’ Don’t forget to leave them a comment to tell them they have been tagged

1. In general I find that at any given time I have no fewer than 5 projects in some form of not-finished.
2. I have heard people refer to those as UFOs… Unfinshed Objects.. so apparently my house has UFOs in it.
3. The UFOs are usually in vastly different mediums. (in other words, when I say 5 projects, I don’t mean I am knitting 5 scarves or painting 5 paintings at a time)
4. My favorite art materials are…. metal, glass, cement and paint. In roughly that order.
5. Even though paint ranked as #4 in that list… I have oil paints that I am a little afraid of trying. Something about needing strong chemicals to clean your brushes/fingers and the paint not drying for ages…. it also brings to mind images of some cool painting marred by stupid pets while I’m not home.
6. I tried batiking for the first time ever today. let me tell you. it’s a SLOOOOOW process.
7. my hands were dyed blue-green for most of friday and saturday but I remembered to wear gloves when batiking today…. so except for a little dye around all of my fingernails, we’re pretty back to normal in this house πŸ™‚



This was made at the same time as the tiled bench… but this piece is not (yet) having the same issues as the bench in the previous post. I *think* that that is because this is *not* a curved surface…. maybe.

A tiled bench

The bench pre-tiles….

The tiles on the counter….

Tiles are attached w/ thin-set…

The next day is grout…

After cleaning off the grout…

unfortunately…. the bench is curved and that is leading to structural integrity issues… I just got an update today, and I hear that the grout is cracking and there’s at least 1 loose tile πŸ™