Misc beads…. none of them match….

Spent some time in my garage today making beads…. now what?

I s’pose in other news it might be itneresting to note that this means I switched over from hard glass (pyrex, COE-36) to soft glass (moretti & one or two of those other brands, COE-104) which means I needed to readjust where/how I set the oxypropane torch (in terms of psi AND in terms of what kind of flame I use when)… ummm….. I discovered that it’s not really easy for me to switch from one style to the other when I haven’t touched the soft glass in months and months and months…. i ended up with a bunch off soot-y streak-y beads
BUT! the good news is that they DID get progressively better and more clear so I would say that I am starting to remember what I need to adjust for what 🙂 yay!

now to figure out what to do with these beads….

Morella’s mug

Made on Friday November 23rd (^_^)
which just happens to be Morella’s birthday!

Technically, this was a team effort. Someone in china made & glazed the mug. I cut the design. My mother was kind enough to wrap it before I headed off to the sandblaster…. which did not like me, so after 40 minutes, 2 bruises, and a bunch of swearing, I asked my father to do it for me 🙂

…why on earth i felt the need to spell out all those details for you, I have NO IDEA….

Electrical wires as art?

This weekend the shift from flourescent to incandescent began!
(finally. this is only 3.5 years “in the making”)

With D’s help, not only does my basement bar now have 4 recessed lights rather than 2 gosh-awful, flickering flourescent lights…… but the “fear of” electricity has been shifted towards “healthy respect for” electricity. yay!

The ceiling tiles still need to be cut to fit around the new lights and trim will be put up, but I’m closer than ever before!!!

Soon* you’ll all get to see what the painted ceiling mural looks like on here….

*by soon I mean in the next 3 or 4 weeks/months/years… don’t get your hopes up just yet 😉


Here’s the first silverwork I’ve done in all of 2007 that required use of a torch. yay! Torchwork is lots and lots and lots of fun! Next time, though, I’m going to prepare stuff at home so that I’m ready to play with fire the moment I step in to the studio 🙂

(note that I probably won’t make it back to that studio until some time in January… *sigh*)

the other pendants

I almost wish FTP wasn’t back in business… I don’t care for the yellow one and I have no idea how it turned yellow. I imagine it must be related to the kind of flame I was using (it was just past neutral and into the oxidizing range of flames) and I bet I was working too close to the heat and burnt the other colors out. Hmmm.