Dichro cabs

This week I learned that if my mom says she has energy to do [some stuff], and if I am at all interested in [some stuff], I really ought to take her up on the suggestion to do [some stuff] right away.


I missed my first opportunity to lure her into her studio, and the second opportunity came more than a whole day later, but that 2nd time she mentioned doing another firing, I jumped on the chance.  Here’s what we made – a bunch of iridescent dichroic cabochons (which I will eventually set in assorted silver jewelry).  The “before” is on the left, the “after on the right. Only one piece slid noticeably sideways during the firing, and then there’s that puzzling big piece in the middle of the front row that didn’t fire as thoroughly as the rest did.  Some kilns have inconsistent heat patterns (usually related to insufficient/inconsistent insulation near a front-facing door to the kiln) but the way this kiln is set up, there is no front-facing door, just a lid, so… I’m guessing it didn’t reach as high an internal temp as the other pieces just because it was considerably BIGGER than all the others.  The plan for that one is to cut it into chunks with a wet saw and fire-polish the edges, so the fact that it doesn’t have rounded edges is moot. I think it will still work.

Enamels & stamps on glass

Three Glass Panels


Convinced my mom that we NEEDED to fire up the kiln to fire the enamel-stamped glass she started last fall.  Here’s a shot of the “before”. The orange-y red in this photo is from the kiln elements. I almost forgot to take a “before” picture and snuck this one even though the kiln was ramping up towards the “don’t you dare open me” temps.  No explosions, so I apparently remembered the important temps right 🙂

I’m converting, reverting, migrating…..

To quote a good friend: “20-fit-teen. The year in which we do the difficult things that we know we have to do even though we don’t want to.


I’m oh-so-slowly working on converting old posts to live here properly on this domain…..  do you know how much of a pain it is to migrate ten years of old posts from three old domains into one new one? It’s a royal pain.  I really should ask some of my more web-techie friends for help, but you know: STUBBORN.  (Also mildly embarrassed: who else lets their stuff spread out over that many places and in such an unorganized fashion?) I am willing to bet that there’s some mass-update tool I need to learn about and BAM! I’d be done in 10 minutes (as long as you don’t include the 40+ hours I spent learning about the tool, learning about all the tool’s competitors, deciphering the tool’s surely terrible documentation, and then using my detective skillzzzz to debug whatever thing(s) go wrong the first four times I try the tool).  <== can you tell that I work in software? This is pretty normal for most of the new software things one tries.

I am also getting tired of paying for domains I do not intend to use much longer :/ and procrastinating figuring out how to move the 3 domain registrations from one host to another, remembering which behind-the-scenes secret technical things I need to update for if/when I do that, and whether it’s worth having them all consolidated for ease-of-maintenance, or shall I continue seeking out the best deal for individual parts?  Jeeeeez. In the meantime, I am reverting to something like a teenager —- and when I can, I am escaping upstairs to the room I’m staying in, blasting my favorite music loudly, and losing myself in the internet, books, and sometimes just staring at the ceiling.  I like to think that while the outside does this laying around doing nothing business, my subconscious is busy scheming up some amazing new plans that will show up on here in the rest of 2015.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand apparently I miss Livejournal.  Most of this post does NOT really belong here. Hmmmm. Oh well.


Surprise invitation @ lunchtime to go biking + estate sale shopping landed me with my very own copper foil tool and 5 rolls of copper foil for a grand total of $10.  SCORE!!!!



Perhaps this is just what I need to get back on the 4-panel kitchen cabinet project.

Maple season is here!

Confession: I don’t know if the maple sap season is actually here or if I’m early or if I’m late (or maybe even on time) BUT ladies and gentlemen, we have sap!

Front yard – I can see this one from my living room 🙂


Back yard




Last year I borrowed equipment; this year I have my own.  Last year I tapped only 2 trees; this year I’m considering tapping the two from last year AND the two on the curb… but I’m not sure about (a) whether I’d have enough room in my fridge for twice as much sap as last year and (b) is it even legal for me to tap two trees that are technically city property?  Some additional investigation is in order.

Last year, I passed on the community sap boil; this year I’m going to go!  Assuming there even IS another community sap boil.  I haven’t seen any ads in the places I saw them last year… again, more investigation is in order.  Otherwise, I might be having my own all-nighter in front of the fire.  Who wants to join me and set things on fire while boiling down some local sap?