Tiny daffodils!

Check out what sprung up in my yard in the last couple of days!

I did not know that any of the bulbs I bought last fall were for miniature narcissus….. but these are definitely in the newly planted part of my yard.

Latvian Easter Eggs

Here’s the only picture I have to prove that I colored some easter eggs this year. This was done entirely naturally using onion skins, rice, barley, pasta, and plant material (like grass and bush clippings).

April Flowers!

Speaking of April flowers — does anyone know what this one is? I got the plant out of a friend’s garden, it’s pretty low to the ground, has spotted leaves, and apparently it blooms with little pink and purple flowers!

December 2008 – miniature flower arrangements!

Invited to “A Giants Christmas Party” where everything is small (because let’s face it, we don’t have good giant outlets here in the US) . . . . with the help of my mom, we came up with the idea of miniature flower arrangements for the party . . . . and with the help of S, we made the actual arrangements just minutes before heading out for the event:

Flowers include: baby’s breath, fern, two types of stattice, and goldenrod.
Vases are various candle holders.

(Click on the image to see individual arrangement close-ups.)

Happy Birthday MARK!

After a fight with an uncooperative oven (who thought that the setting for 425 actually equaled 550. Grrrrr.), I made the cream puffs:

December 2008 – MASK!

I ended up going to a surprising # of events where masks were encouraged. Here’s my first attempt at creating a mask that didn’t look *super obviously* homemade.

I found that false eyelashes really complete the look — don’t you think? and now I have a bunch of ideas (and a LOT of leftover feathers) for the next mask later this year when I’m not in a hurry…

wow…. 2+ months without any new posts. sorry about that. I am now officially home and (mostly) recovered from south america . . . . . and now fighting with my computer to let me get pictures off of my SD memory card. so. as soon as we finish arguing about who is going to win, I will start posting stuff again.