Monhegan Island inspired paintings

I recently spent 5 days on a small island 12 miles off the coast of Maine with a group of 13 other artists. It was an impulse purchase/decision I made at the end of January, and might be the best thing I’ve decided to do so far in 2015.

I started some 9 pieces, mostly acrylic, but a few watercolors, too.  Day 1 resulted in this:

Day 1 results


Here are the three most finished pieces: Blue, Bluer, and Bluest.

Blue - Phase 1Blue - Phase 2Blue - Phase 3Blue

(the progression of) Blue







A few new paintings




Maybe keeping better track of what I make when is in order.  I’m not sure when I made these other than it’s sometime since October.  Yeah, we’ll say these are from October 2014.  Or November.



Day 14 — acrylics and some stencils

This idea is sound, though my execution requires darker paint – or at least paint that is significantly different than the bottom layer. I will try again on this canvas later this week.

Base coat (here I was painting over a previous attempt at something or other):

Apply stencils:

Paint over stencils:

Remove stencils:

Speaking of paint……

I went to visit a friend yesterday morning and on the way back from brunch, asked to stop at a thrift store….. turns out that they were having a special event where everything was half off, and so we discovered….

I scored big and got these 28 tubes of that oil-hybrid paint (the stuff that you can thin/clean up with plain water, but somehow is still an oil paint) paint for just $12.50!!!! AWESOME.