lots of yellow paint…

I had help when I was taking pictures…. perhaps I should figure out a place to photograph art work that is not my basement floor 🙂

these are just some acrylic ‘sketches’ from the past year… mostly just using up paint that was about to die.

oil pastels on watercolor

I needed a quick art fix earlier this summer…. so oil pastel on top of Japanese watercolors seemed like the way to go…. i rather like making blotches of whatever color(s) I happen to pick out of my box. Then come back after it’s dry to stare at the blotches to see what appears and finally to adjust it so that other people can see what I see. This time I used oil pastels on top of the watercolors. sometimes it’s ink. sometimes it’s acrylic. sometimes it’s more watercolors.

I’m still researching digital cameras, so anything i post for the next month or so will be from my “archive” of pictures taken while “testing” a digital camera I borrowed from a friend. Most recently i’ve been messing around with straight up acrylics, trying to get bodies and body parts to actually look like body parts (instead of zombie people or distorted people or unidentifiable blobs). so far I have *1* that worked 🙂 you probably will not ever got to see the zombie paintings. i try to paint over them as soon as possible. they’re creepy.

Laima-doodles, take 21,987,266,001

More sketchy paintings by Laima….

I tend to sketch/doodle during most meetings at work…. here’s an attempt to see what would happen if I took something from one of my many notebooks covered in black & white Laima-doodles and made them BIG (these are roughly 2’x3′) and added color…. as you can see, I’m still working out the details.

Pyrex, take 1

i’m learning how to work with pyrex…
these are flower pendants…… they are also called ‘implosions’.
If you click on them – the actual image is pretty big and you can see a decent amount of detail.

I need to get my act together and figure out a way to take my setup into the Vinery for a little help attaching the regulators and stuff that I don’t remember how to do. yeah. i feel silly. i’ve been taught how to do it before… but suddenly, when it’s my hosue we’re talking about, I get scared about exploding my garage or something. That would be A Very Bad Thing.