Coasters, take 2

Here are the results of my new camera! Too bad good picture-taking skillz didn’t come along with it. I noticed that it focuses so well that I will really need to pay more attention to how well I clean my pieces before photographing them….

Next up? Glass beads & jewelry.

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to spend a couple of hours a week in my garage studio playing with molten glass. It’s been fun, but out of every 5-10 beads I make only 1 is something worth showing other people :/ it kind of makes me wonder if torchwork is worth the effort. I guess I’ll keep going for now and see what comes of it.

Scarecrow by Laima’s mom

How COOL is this!!?!
I love it!

My mom just sent me these pictures of her latest scarecrow. possibly her only scarelady. I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask 🙂 I say “her latest” scarecrow as if she makes it a point to make them. she doesn’t even like them particularly much. I think she may have made it to enter some contest. ok. i just proved that i wasn’t really listening. hmmm. i plead this: i was far too excited about the brand new digital camera i just bought tonight!!!! 12x optical zoom – how cool is that!!?! i can’t wait to post more pictures of projects. Look again on Sunday/Monday night since the camera doesn’t arrive until Friday…

I figure it’s been a week+ since the wedding so now I’m allowed to post pictures. Recycled interior design calendar and tiles from the local ReStore. and spray paint. and a liquid glass type sealant. I’ve got more. I just need…. to buy a camera. SOON. for real.

A series of fairies, 1999

Since i can’t post new stuff (no camera) I will post an interesting series of fairies caught in uncomfortable postions in everyday life. I’d say these are from…. 1999 I think. at the UW. 3 are from my drawing class and 1 is an attempt at a lithograph. I think I already waxed poetic about how much i like litho and how sad it is that it’s a) toxic and b) not something i can do at home.

At any rate, you will also probably notice that I need to take some time to properly frame things at my house. I, ah, maybe have been on somethign of an instant gratification kick lately so when I find something I made a long time ago and want to put it up… rather than framing it and protecting it I have put a lot of things up on my walls with thumbtacks (even though I own a kajillion frames and a mat-cutter and could frame them if I even tried a little bit). Though, to be fair, my mat-cutter isn’t set up and everytime i decide to use it I spend about half an hour putzing tryign to jury-rig a usable setup.


Did I ever post this? One day this summer I bought some shrinkydink paper at the most excellent price of 50 cents and demanded that a friend of mine come over to make shrinkydinks with me. One of these is my work and the other 6 are Craig’s. Who wants to guess which one is mine?

I made a couple others that have not been photographed, yet, but will update with those (as usual) once i get my hands on a digital camera. no. i still haven’t bought one.

a non-art post just for fun

Here is what happens with two people who get bored at my house… we start playing pretend. apparently we were pretending to be from the middle east:

….and here are some pictures of flowers that were at my house (that I rather wish were still at my house – my house could use more flowers! actually, i was admiring the flowers outside this morning – some have already died from the cold weather but there are still bunches of them happily blooming.)

I did actually work on some torchwork this morning…. some day when i get a camera i will post those……

an old charcoal sketch

I think it’s interesting how very different the same drawing looks when you use flash and when you don’t:

this is an old sketch with brown charcoal on some remnant of cardboard i found while at a friend’s house for an Art Party where everyone contributed to a HUGE painting. I’m tempted to have an Art Party where i take down all the ceiling tiles from my downstairs bar and have everyone paint one. I figure they’re reversible (so one side will always be white) and even without that they’re relatively cheap to replace if i hate the look of a funky painted ceiling – right?

so….. what should i do to this painting? add more details to define the angel? Or leave it all shadowy like it is right now? this one is currently sitting on my black chinese cabinet in my living room. incidentally, i have no idea how to frame paintings that are on any kind of canvas. it’s on my list of things to learn. anyone out there have any suggestions for good framing books to check out?