A series of fairies, 1999

Since i can’t post new stuff (no camera) I will post an interesting series of fairies caught in uncomfortable postions in everyday life. I’d say these are from…. 1999 I think. at the UW. 3 are from my drawing class and 1 is an attempt at a lithograph. I think I already waxed poetic about how much i like litho and how sad it is that it’s a) toxic and b) not something i can do at home.

At any rate, you will also probably notice that I need to take some time to properly frame things at my house. I, ah, maybe have been on somethign of an instant gratification kick lately so when I find something I made a long time ago and want to put it up… rather than framing it and protecting it I have put a lot of things up on my walls with thumbtacks (even though I own a kajillion frames and a mat-cutter and could frame them if I even tried a little bit). Though, to be fair, my mat-cutter isn’t set up and everytime i decide to use it I spend about half an hour putzing tryign to jury-rig a usable setup.

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