Here’s what I’ve been complaining about working on the last few weeks. Done. Finally. This took way longer than tiling the front porch with slate. The front porch was 54 sq ft, this back one is 96…. but it took far more than twice the amount of time/effort/materials. Luckily, it’s done. Just before winter. wonderful. Keep your fingers crossed that the workmanship is solid enough to withstand the freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw that is Wisconsin winter…. I guess my new project next spring might be “Learn how to repair tile flooring” which isn’t necessarily a bad skill to have…

I think I need to arrange a porch-warming party in the next month or so…. perhaps with some grilled food and a bonfire… hmmmm….

I promised my neighbor I’d restore his frontdoor Buddha back to his earlier gloriousness. Turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

in the pipeline….

Here’s what you’ll see in the next few weeks:

  1. a three panel painting. Total size = 8′ wide x 3′ tall
    (I’m still working on making the frames and stretching the canvas)
  2. a lino-print for a print exchange in California (I’m still….. ahhh…. remembering how to cut linoleum. yeeeouch.)
  3. some Latvian-inspired metal work
  4. some more sketches from work
    (need to remember to bring work notebooks home for the evening)
  5. Eventually some more lightswitch plates, too.
    (It’s about that “that time”… though I have yet to signup for any holiday fairs… I am procrastinating. a LOT.)

These two paintings need your help…

There’s something missing from both of them and I’ve had no luck figuring out what it is… I’m sure I could just sit down with paint and ‘doodle’ but there’s a good chance that if I do that I’ll end up massively changing the ‘feel’ or the ‘look’ of the painting to the point where it won’t be recognizable as what I’m showing here right now… thoughts? ideas? suggestions?