November art – 4 of 4

Here’s the beginning point of my kitchen rennovation:

There will be a step-by-step post someday….. keep in mind that to-date, the thing is only 70% done….. I need to get myself over to talk to some people about kitchen sinks and counters and islands and one more cabinet deal-i-o…. which adds up to: roughly 30 square feet still need a bunch of attention.

November art – 3 of 4

In the time before other thanksgiving guests arrived at my aunt’s house, I ran around her yard with scissors and put together a mantle centerpiece for my aunt:

To which she added a few additional decorations and kept around for Christmas:


Hilary and I decided that there’s something to be said for forcing yourself to draw with your non-dominant hand….. it seems to produce more “happy little mistakes” or give more “life” to the lines or something….

Dr. Sketchy’s – Jan 09

No way! Here’s an art post that’s actually *from* this month!!!

Sunday I went to the High Noon with this awesome girl and we did some life drawing. I thought about putting these behind a cut or on a different page with a “not safe for work” explanation… but then I realized that none of these are nekkid people anyway. The High Noon doesn’t have a permit for naked-ness, so they will never be nekkid drawings resulting.

So. here ya go.

1-minute sketches:

2- minute sketches:

5- minute sketches:

10- minute sketches:

20- minute sketches… which turned in to multiple, shorter sketches because I got bored and wanted to start over:

November art – 2 of 4

I did not do a lot of “art” in November…. rennovating my kitchen was my first priority for much of that month… that being said, I did make nametags/place holders/whatever they are called for Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house…. and I had a helper for the photography part (who is also originally from my aunt’s house):

These are real leaves, pressed for a few days to get them largely flat, names/messages written on them in metallic paint pen, then laminated and cut down to non-square shapes. fun!

November art – 1 of 4

In November, my furnace decided to stop working…. so I baked 5 pies and assorted other baked goods to heat my house a couple of degrees….

sadly, I did not have enough muscle coordination left in my (then frozen hands/brain) to take a better picture of said pies 😉 and I have no pictures of the other baked goods either.


This is not an art post, but this is funny (I think). Check out some of the keywords that people used to get to my site in March ’08:

birthday kittens
i will go slightly out of my way leaf
installed slate floors + pictures
malva paintings
pictures of slate on a porch

In April ’08 it was:

cement mushrooms
peep art
peep zilla
winter’s edge
“electrical wires” and artist

And now in December ’08 it was:

boro pendants
tie dye folding chair
“i will go slightly out of my way to step on that crunchy-looking leaf”
6″ flat lap grinders
attaching cabinet knobs
dwarf kittens up for adoption december
flat lap grinder

DWARF KITTENS?!! really? hee hee hee.

Catching up with October – 6 of 8

These were not made in October (I haven’t fired up any hot glass stuff in many months) but I photographed them in October…. who knows what I had been planning to do with the pendants *or* this picture, but here you go. Here’s a pile-o-pendants that lives at my house…. photographed in october: