three lithos

I’m procrastinating… so here, have a series of three lithographs to look at. This was one of my favorite projects in a class full of pretentious are students…. ok, that was a little harsh. Some of them were nice, and eventually the professor and I came to a kind of unspoken understanding. As far as I was concerned it was along the lines of: “if you don’t ask me to art speak then in return I’ll try every single one of the techniques you teach at least three times”.

(By the way, this litho of mine is based on someone else’s art work. I forget who did the original, but the professor was annoyed that I started with an image awfully similar to someone else’s work. oh well. I still got an A 🙂

a series of three….

here are those three paintings I was talking about… my dad got a whole stack of foam-board movie posters (for gosh-awful movies) and so i’ve been somewhat slowly painting over all of them. I guess the actual painting itself has been going quickly — these three took me less than an hour each and I painted them all in less than a 24 hour period (two saturday night and the third Sunday morning) – essentially on a whim. just to see if i could. They’re about two feet by three feet big and they’re painted with acrylics. Acrylics just got WAY more fun for me because I FINALLY tried out this tube of ‘retarding medium’ that Jen gave me as a gift. i *love* that stuff!