Much like the previous post, these aerring follow the same process as the pins, just that I have to try to repeat the design a second time — which can be more challenging than it looks – don’t look too closely at the size of each bend 😉 also, I’d say it’s even harder to come up with two identical beads in my garage studio, so if you are looking at these earrings, you’ll see that they beads are not exactly identical… however, when they are displayed on the opposite sides of someone’s head, most people won’t notice that they are a little different.

three pins

these pins are incredibly entertaining for me to make. You could say that they are somethign close to ‘instant gratification’ although, thinking back on it, they are certainly *not* instant. Many steps go into these, starting from making the glass beads out in my garage studio (how will I continue torch work when it’s cold outside??? 🙁 to bending the wire, hardening the wire, sharpening the tip of the pine and then cleaning up any scratches or dings i’ve done to the metal… at any rate, I really enjoy making them.

two projects from my classes at MATC

These were *not* my idea… but they’ve (both) kind of grown on me…. it’s either a napkin holder or something to hold bills/letters/mail…. at any rate, it’s *heavy* and still quite *dirty*…. and slightly out of season, I guess…

Here is what tonight’s project was. This tool box was incredibly fun to make 🙂 I like sheet metal!

Coasters – coreopsis

These are coreopsis from Birds & Bloom magazine. Birds & Bloom is one of my favorites to use, as you will see later this week when I post more pictures of coasters & light switch covers. Incidentally, I have coresopsis like the ones on the lower left in my yard. I never knew they came in colors other than yellow – I think I may go get some red & pink ones in the spring 🙂

4 Coasters

All four are paintings by Malva – images found in an Art & Antiques magazine I picked up while in Chicago visitng SOFA 2 weeks ago.