slowly painting again

I got the urge to paint again the other week. I wanted to do something big to put in my bedroom & inspire me to take down those wall shelves I’ve been staring at for the last 5 years. 3′ x 4′ should do it, I thought ….. and set out to buy all the supplies needed to build & stretch my own canvas ….. sadly, I didn’t think abuot staples and ‘lo and behold, I ran out of staples not even half-way through the construction part ….. and, well ….. since I was determined to paint SOMEthing that day I went down in to my basement & dug up a (holy cow coincidence – it’s exactly the size i was looking for) painting that I’d started in high school, never really finished, never really liked & had been sitting down in the dungeon for so long I figured it couldn’t be too terrible to paint over it at this point right? right.

Here’s the outcome:

Not what I’d envisioned (neither colors nor style) but it’s nice enough. Note that I did take a picture of the high school painting for posterity just in case I was sad to lose it. Turns out that this is a vast improvement.