And now… the post you’ve all been waiting for…..

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Sooooo……I made steampunk twinchies for a swapbot swap. They even turned out quite decently steampunk, I thought… and then I got this rating:

Now, the $64-million dollar question is…. Do *you* see a frog here?  

Or perhaps a less leading question, what are the critters that you see in these sets?

I *intended* them to be (left to right, starting in top row):

spider, owl, bird
chicken, owl, spider

Is that what you guessed?

(this still makes me laugh and laugh and laugh 🙂

Abstract Twinchies!

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Made for a swapbot swap earlier this year.

Inchies – abstract watercolor

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Watercolor Inchies for a swapbot swap earlier this year. I was inspired by another swapper and even made the little custom envelopes from watercolors I’d made a while back and didn’t know what to do with.

Inchies – OWLS!

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I signed up for a teenie tiny owls swap.  Each of these is 1 inch x 1 inch.  Somehow that’s a whole lot smaller than i had *thought* it would be. I think I like making twinchies better (2 inches x 2 inches).

Squiggles…… part 3

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Now turn the starting point image 90 degrees to the right……

and… ummmm….. i got nuthin’ on this angle.

Now accepting submissions 🙂

Summer Sunset

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Here’s another small image found in last week’s squiggly watercolor:

I haven’t decided if just matting it will suffice or if I’ll want to bring attention to the person/lakeshore/etc by drawing over what’s already there. Hmmmm…..

Family dynamics

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A case of staring at squiggles and seeing what comes out…. I started from this watercolor:

and found this in there:

Can you see it, too?

a pink dragon….

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small watercolor doodle from last week:

Rooster – mixed media

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….. been playing around with watercolors, black ink, and oil pastels…. true to form i think that every possible color ended up in this one, too…..

This was made by splashing colors on paper and then coming back a day or a week later to see what might have formed by those splashes. Then I took other art supplies (pens, markers, oil pastels) to define what *I* saw in a way that other people can see it too…. i never know what will come out of this, which is part of the fun! For example, notice that there’s a little orange fish in the middle of the air…

Dancing under a tree? Or falling off a waterfall?

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…help me decide which way to hang this….