Cucuzzi flower

B and I discovered a new vegetable at a local pick-your-own veggie farm — cucuzzi squash! They’re most commonly found in Indian cooking, we think, though (with the help of my mom) have found italian and korean and some other recipes for them, too.

They have nifty looking flowers and many fun squiggly vines 🙂

Blue Glass Head

I try to keep an eye out for mannequin parts for a friend of mine who likes to play with photography that involve body parts-n-such-stuff…. so far I’ve passed up a $1 Michael Jackson mannequin at an auction last summer (sad, I know — i still think of him as “the one who got away” as this was right nearby in deerfield!!) …. i also passed by a set of small children mannequins in Ventura, CA (only $30 each!)because I couldn’t figure out how to get them home with me on a plane (small child-like mannequin in suitcase? creepy. small child-like mannequin in overhead compartment? also creepy. both very good stories buuuuuut…… it was determined a no-go mostly because they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and I wasn’t going to have time to buy a suitcase after 5pm on a saturday when my flight was leaving at 6am the next morning. i also wasn’t sure i could convince my old roommate to send them in the mail. opening a big box to find two children in it? also creepy 😉 but fun!

ANYWAY. FINALLY this summer i located a body part that was w/in her price range, w/in a reasonable distance from my house, and better yet —- going on sale for 30% off on Sunday! so finally finally finally I got a body part for her and it rode around in the backset of my car looking like this:

Kitchen Rack

I know i promised you kitchen before/after, but i still can’t quite bring myself to address those pictures. Also, I’m still only at 70% done (essentially same as I was last December) which is depressing, and apparently I’ve freaked out my mother a little bit because I want to “gamble” with the system and see if I can finish the remaining 30% in time for guests to come over for Christmas 🙂


Here’s a small project from last weekend — I finally found and installed racks for hanging glassware out of the way of other stuff. YAY!!!!

Second Quivet

OK — technically my first one that I assembled, but it’s the second one I finished. It took me forever to find an acceptable “other side” color —- I settled (happily settled, mind you) on a deep purple. so there, mom. it’s not green 😛 I think you’ll like the purple!