Steve’s funky magnet

Playing around with some liquid glass = surprise bubbles!

I thinkthis kind of looks like a seahorse…. butif you turn it up-side-down, it looks like a very stylized Ganesh head. (note to my readers – no, I don’t actually particularly like these colors together, but sometimes a person has to try new stuff out just to see what it might look like 😛

Instant gratification

Cutting up small watercolor remnants to make cards:

(Note to self – pick a better background for photographing this stuff next time)

Spring Flowers – take 3

Notice the new tile floor & new cabinetry in the background of this photo. Yup. I still LOVE my new kitchen…. now to put the moulding back up one of these days…..

Spring flowers – take 1

Flowers for to spruce up my kitchen/dining room table:

(yes – in the background that is a small kiln you see that lived in my kitchen for a couple of weeks 🙂

Not all fusing ends in success

Attempt at capturing dried stuff inthe middle of glass….. ends up in blah & bubbled-blah:

Actually – the bubbled one looks rather cool up close — but sadly there’s not really much I can do with somethign this fragile (and lumpy):

Not so great “before & after” of fusing

Steve wanted to see before & after of the kiln shot below…. welll….. turns out I’m not always good at remembering the “after” photo shoot…..


AFTER (look in the upper right-hand corner — you can see one full size square from the above “before” shot and lots of little pieces of “after after” where I ended up breaking up the fused pieces & melting them again to be smaller):

Mostly I’m just playing around with what I have to see what I might come up with…. so far, I gots nothin’………..