Cement Snail!

This summer I wanted to show some folks that a cement sculpture could, in fact, be made from start to finish in 5 days or less.  
Here is the result:

I admit that this guy isn’t 100% complete (I want to extend the mosaics down to where the shell ends) BUT it only took me approximately 5-6 hours over the course of 5 days to get this far. I’m confident that if I weren’t teaching other things at the same time as I was working on this, I’d have finished this guy AND made another 1 or 2 sculptures.

A blast from the past!

This is a paper mache lion I made for a long long ago NYE party in Milwaukee.  I liked him enough to drag him through several apartments and all the way to this current house of mine… sadly, he’d become mouse-eaten and tattered enough that I had to say goodbye to him earlier this summer.  BUT, not before I took some pictures!

A cement mushroom in progress…

Played with cement just a little bit before it got cold outside…. and now I have a 70% finished mushroom hanging out in my kitchen….

First, create a plain (if lop-sided) mushroom from a lightweight cement recipe that you just happen to have the ingredients lying around:

Begin attaching “reject” glass pieces around the edge with mortar:

Fill in the rest with pieces of broken and leftover kitchen tiles (these were really fun to smash in to smaller pieces with a hammer —- though next time I think I need to break them in to even smaller pieces):

NEXT UP: grout the cracks & seal the mushroom…… someday when I get tired of having a half-finished mushroom in the corner of my kitchen 🙂

Ice critters in my front yard….

Oh no! They MOVE!!!

I can take no credit for these. It was all the work of J & Ian (as it was pointed out to me eariler – you can’t abbreviate his name and still make your point — it’s true!)

snow lizard!

(inspired by Laura’s amazing feat of snowsculpting on Sunday)
(PS – photographing snow is haaaaaaard)