Days 18 – 24

Day 18 = if cooking is art, then cooking this amazing cornbread will have to suffice for Day 18

Day 19 = Does looking at and buying art count? I went to Milwaukee’s International Folk Festival and bought a fair trade hat made from alpaca AND an amazing amber necklace.

Day 20 = more top-secret metalwork

Day 21 = I tried to finish a set of stamped spoons for my father, but it was too noisy to finish all in that one night :/

Day 22 = I went to see the Muppets. No art was made.

Day 23 = more cooking as art!!!

Day 24 = sketched some future lino designs

Day 16 & 17 — metalwork

Been working away on that metalwork project for Feb. I’m about half done! Yeah! Too bad it’s a super-top-secret project because it would be fun to post pictures of it. Ah well. I can leave you with this, though. Here’s a preview of what’s involved in the super-top-secret-metal-project of mine 🙂

In February there will be more pictures.

Day 14 — acrylics and some stencils

This idea is sound, though my execution requires darker paint – or at least paint that is significantly different than the bottom layer. I will try again on this canvas later this week.

Base coat (here I was painting over a previous attempt at something or other):

Apply stencils:

Paint over stencils:

Remove stencils:

Day 8 — more metalwork

Last night I worked on metal projects. Filing, sanding, soldering. I realized that I’ve gotten sloppy and will be remedying that. I also realized that my metal working equipment needs to be consolidated, efficient-ized, and I for sure need a ventilation hood for the soldering station. That stuff is pretty strong when not properly ventilated.