I’m converting, reverting, migrating…..

To quote a good friend: “20-fit-teen. The year in which we do the difficult things that we know we have to do even though we don’t want to.


I’m oh-so-slowly working on converting old posts to live here properly on this domain…..  do you know how much of a pain it is to migrate ten years of old posts from three old domains into one new one? It’s a royal pain.  I really should ask some of my more web-techie friends for help, but you know: STUBBORN.  (Also mildly embarrassed: who else lets their stuff spread out over that many places and in such an unorganized fashion?) I am willing to bet that there’s some mass-update tool I need to learn about and BAM! I’d be done in 10 minutes (as long as you don’t include the 40+ hours I spent learning about the tool, learning about all the tool’s competitors, deciphering the tool’s surely terrible documentation, and then using my detective skillzzzz to debug whatever thing(s) go wrong the first four times I try the tool).  <== can you tell that I work in software? This is pretty normal for most of the new software things one tries.

I am also getting tired of paying for domains I do not intend to use much longer :/ and procrastinating figuring out how to move the 3 domain registrations from one host to another, remembering which behind-the-scenes secret technical things I need to update for if/when I do that, and whether it’s worth having them all consolidated for ease-of-maintenance, or shall I continue seeking out the best deal for individual parts?  Jeeeeez. In the meantime, I am reverting to something like a teenager —- and when I can, I am escaping upstairs to the room I’m staying in, blasting my favorite music loudly, and losing myself in the internet, books, and sometimes just staring at the ceiling.  I like to think that while the outside does this laying around doing nothing business, my subconscious is busy scheming up some amazing new plans that will show up on here in the rest of 2015.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand apparently I miss Livejournal.  Most of this post does NOT really belong here. Hmmmm. Oh well.

Future plans = not-quite quilting

These used to be ties. I have plans. Plans that involve modgepodge (or more likely: polyurethane) and an earlier posted “future project”. Yup. Would something like this be considered “anti-quilting”?

Future project = pottery!

I have a lot of pottery equipment at home that’s just *begging* to be used. Much of it is lent to me & I want to make sure to keep it in good condition while I have it, so I figure I should really make it a priority to fire up the engines & kilns to make sure they stay (in the case of anything with an engine) well-oiled and in working condition.

This will be a LOT of work in prep as nearly all of the (many many pounds) of clay I have (both earthenware and stoneware) is kind of….. rock hard.

Future Project = Cement statue or birdbath

Here’s the skeleton for a sculpture or (sculptural) bird bath to be made out of lightweight cement. I have yet to do *any* cement work this summer & the warm weather is fast disappearing, so I would like to make a move on this project sooner rather than later….. cement is FUN but it’s also…. heavy & dusty & dirty …. and time consuming to make….. the time part is the part which has been slowing this one down. In many ways it’s a whole day commitment to decide to work on cement.

Future project = a cement bench (or four)

A pile of blue insulation board awaits cutouts and other such prep in order to be made in to cement bench molds:

There are at least two places near my hosue that just beg for creative seating. This summer, I hope, is the summer I actually *make* these benches.

Future project = torch work

This has been neglected the past few months:

Bonus future project: There’s also a broken gargoyle in the background – he’s supposed to be used as a “template” for making a new one out of super lightweight concrete.