Something new!

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I’ve been learning more and more about running the assorted machines at Sector67 and the newest thing that I’m extra excited about are these leather cuffs. Each one has been laser cut with variations of Latvian designs.


Laser-cut leather cuffs

Laser cut leather cuffs


These will be making an appearance at my booth at the Latvian Song & Dance Festival in Baltimore!

Ladies, please stop by between 6-10pm to sip, chat and shop for the holidays!

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TODAY is Evolve‘s first annual holiday sale! Not only can you get beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories, but I will be showcasing my silver and dichroic glass jewelry at this event.

Stop by between 6 & 10 pm to sip mulled wine around the fire, peruse the holiday collection, sizes 0-22, and chat with fun friends. Contact Rachael for location details!

2015 Jewelry

Keumboo – making some progress

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Bezel setting and dapped disks

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Playing with silver in February:



Now to figure out what to call it.  Any ideas?

Trying something new

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Took a class this summer to learn a new technique. Here are some of the results of that class —- I’ve yet to spend much time on my own doing this at home. I guess I sort of got distracted by all the other fun things one can do in the summertime.

Keumboo First Try



I have so so many ideas of what else to try with this technique that I almost don’t want to post this, just because i KNOW I can do better. Perhaps putting this up here is a way to egg myself on to DO this, not just occasionally think about it.

Metal Owls

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Much much earlier this year, I started playing around with owls.  I have plans for these things, just….. need to make time to finish them 🙂

Three newest pendants

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Today’s efforts after work yielded these! #27, #28, & #29 in a series of fifty. I am 58% finished with my bezel setting challenge! Yea!

A new pattern

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Here are a couple new pendants that I’ve been excited about:

Ooooh! Shiny!

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I’ve been playing around with a new technique: polishing stuff in a rock tumbler. Initial results? WOW!!! Sooooo shiny!

And there’s an extra bonus, too. Yesterday I found out that half an hour is enough to polish the silver BUT LEAVES MY DICHRO ALONE… Which is awesome because that means I can polish all of my glass bezel pendant without dealing with the buffer!

Dirty patterns

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These are nowhere near done, and in fact are very dirty. But sometimes I think that the patterns left on a piece just after soldering are just so neat.