Art Every Day – Day 42 – Building a rail system for hanging art

Sunday I worked on getting an industrial rail system up in my hallway for hanging art in a way that I never need to poke or drill or hammer a hole in this wall ever again.  It works….. but I’m not in love with the aesthetic here.



I’m still not sure what to do  about it either: whether to try to beef up the industrial factor of this to make it MORE than it is right now or whether to switch over to the more classic wooden rail molding. Hmmmm….

Refinishing a cabinet

Found this at a local thrift store and thought it was too cool to pass up.  I started stripping the old paint with enthusiasm….. but now I’m not so sure I like the look of the plain wood. Maybe this is a piece better suited to being painted after all? What do you think?


 BEFORE starting:

Cabinet BEFORE

AFTER some stripping on Day 1:

Cabinet AFTER some stripping

The weather has been nice enough (and I’m back in town) that I figure it’s time to start up on this project again.  I would love to put this in its place in my studio/office!

Iron Owls



I didn’t make these, but I made them look like new. When I got them, they were rusty and the four little peg feet on the back had crumbling plastic covers.  My favorite gas station attendant helped me get these sand-blasted and then I spray painted them with a self-etching primer, followed by shiny black.  I luf them and they live on my kitchen island now (instead of in that box of broken things waiting to be fixed).  Picture on the left is with flash, right is without. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I am using both.

Ghetto buffing station

I found a small grinder for $2 at a garage sale last year that I just couldn’t pass up. Earlier this spring, I got the parts to make my grinder in to a buffer for jewelry and now I am using it wherever I find room. Hence “the ghetto buffer”. Usually I’m on this chair in my kitchen. It doesn’t work so well, though, since it bounces around and I end up using one hand to hold the machine in place while the other hand is holding and buffing the jewelry.

That’s not so safe. So. Today I will be mounting this …. somewhere sturdy. And possibly making a backsplash type shield to stop the flying bits from escaping all over the room.

Warm Windows — 68% complete!

Another “not art, but definitely a project!” post:

These warm windows have been a long time coming……. and are not actually finished. Window on the left is held up by velcro and has no mechanism for being raised yet. I ran out of plastic rings but couldn’t wait to see what both of them looked like when they were up! Window on the right is more done (and can be raised) but I was too tentative in some of my sewing because I didn’t think about the mechanics & need to go back to sew the rings such that the thread holds ALL layers of the cloth together… My bedroom is sooooo dark at night now. It’s nice!

New coat hangers!

Not art, but definitely a project:

I’m so happy to have these on my door!

(Potential problem though = I’m not sure how much weight they can hold before ripping out of the, presumably hollow-core, door)

New sidelight!

I got tired of the old, malfuncitoning, (semi)motion-sensing light at my side door, so a little more than a week ago I replaced it with a NEW light! It’s so bright! And doesn’t look at all like I thought it would on my house, but that’s oK, I like it anyway. Thirty bucks well spent!

OLD light vs. NEW light

New cabinets – installed!

There’s still hope for a finished kitchen in time for Christmas 2009!!!!



No countertop just yet – that process will take a good 2-3 weeks to finish. Also – no hardware. I forgot about that little detail, so i guess I’ll be perusing hardware stores and on-line for nifty knobs.

Kitchen Part II

Kitchen Part I pictures are currently unaccessible (I need to locate portable harddrive driveres to install on my laptop. sigh.) BUT in the interim, I give you these. These pictures are from the second half of my kitchen renovation. I started this half of the kitchen in October 2009……and hope to have it completed in time for Christmas 2009.

I’m currently waiting for the kitchen install team to come over and install all those boxes you see in the last picture.

I miss having a kitchen sink.

Here’s me and one of my favorite helpers — notice the helper is hauling away my kitchen sink 🙂