Rogue origami

After art night at my house a week or two ago, I found some rogue origami in the orchid on my kitchen table:

Here’s what one guest at art night worked on:

Silkscreening! This is something I’d like to learn how to do. At the rate I’m going that will be…. in 2010.

What’s missing? Opinions, plz.

I have some 28-odd half-finished prints spread out all over my art room. They look more-or-less like the image on the right side of this photo. Now I need opinions from my loyal readers: What would make the image on the RIGHT look complete, wanting for nothing?

The image on the left is a trial print (i guess you might call it a proof) that I think has potential. If I decided to go with a variation of the left side, I would move the snowflakes up a bit and perhaps block out 1 or 2 of them so that the figure isn’t obscured… or maybe rotate the snowflakes? Hmmmmm….

You have approximately 20 hours to get your opinions in.

I want to be done printing all of them tomorrow night so that they can dry overnight, I can crop & package them on Thursday, and put them in the mail on Friday.

inky sketches

The odd vaguely aqua color is from a “Souffle pen” that K & I discovered on a recent excursion to the west side of town…. I’m afraid to say it was a pretty disappointing new pen. Not only did it not pouf up nearly as much as implied by the name (or perhaps it lived up to the finicky nature of souffles?), but I ran mine dry in just over a week. Hmmmmmm.