fleece blanket

Would you believe that I got a blister from where my fingers were rubbing up against the canvas I was working on top of while tying all those knots? ouch. Next time I’m picking a better surface to work on.

Rooster – mixed media

….. been playing around with watercolors, black ink, and oil pastels…. true to form i think that every possible color ended up in this one, too…..

This was made by splashing colors on paper and then coming back a day or a week later to see what might have formed by those splashes. Then I took other art supplies (pens, markers, oil pastels) to define what *I* saw in a way that other people can see it too…. i never know what will come out of this, which is part of the fun! For example, notice that there’s a little orange fish in the middle of the air…


Took a class a couple of weeks ago….

Spiral cat-eye marble

A vortex marble!

and…. two broken marbles…. here’s one of them anyway:

I’ll post the other broken one later tonight, I hope. I should be able to start making these at home on my own soon. I just borrowed a small kiln from my parents and can’t wait to get started!