Furniture refinishing

Here’s what I worked on on Sunday after K ditched me to do laundry instead of going biking:

This is furniture refinishing ‘lite’…. the shelf wasn’t in particularly bad shape to begin with. There were just a couple of dings and scratches, plus a 3″x4″ spot where someone had spilled something that practically fused some cardboard on to one of the shelves. That was the hardest thing to fix without scratching the shelf more since it was really stuck on there. I probably could have sanded the sides more, but I got bored and/or antsy to just get it done 🙂

Now it’s chock full of books in my bedroom.

Finally finished this piece, too…. I made the bead some time last year and started twirling the metal and left it…. for months and months…..

What to do with leftover red paint?

Here’s what happened after working on Dan’s painting… someone may have possibly gotten a little enthusiastic with the amount of red paint she squeezed out and didn’t want to just throw it away…. so here are 3 views of an unfinished painting…. it’s starting to (almost) look like a patchwork flower that’s unraveling. Right now, though, it’s floating in space and definitely looks unfinished, so you only get to see these three close-ups.

Dan’s paintings

I’m still debating whether or not to straighten out the red line….and also whether or not to post the original pictures he sent me so y’all can see how i slightly changed the style….it maybe might have gotten a little boring trying to paint all ‘smooth’ so i dropped that idea and became more textured… *I* like it… now let’s see if the recipient likes it….

Notice that in the original sketch (sketched during a mandatory 4 hour work meeting, of course 🙂 i ran out of light to finish the rt-hand border – they dimmed the entire auditorium for the last hour and a half or so) the border was much bigger…. I couldn’t find any linoleum locally that was the right size to make this happen. What you see here is the biggest piece i could find (6.75″ x 11″) …….. plus i realized that I’m so out of practice with my linoleum/wood carving skillz that I needed some practice before trying to create intricate details:

Ummmm… i got sidetracked… i was going to do the entire 26 print edition tonight, but…. it’s already almost 11pm. i guess i’ll do it later this week. So far, I have 3. The plastic sleeves haven’t arrived in the mail yet, anyway, and I still have to write a (small) something or other to send in along with the prints, too. ugh.

What I’m trying to decide is whether to:
A) add background color? (if yes, what ones?)
B) vary the print color – either via ink changes or paper changes? (is it kosher to vary the ink color i use w/in an edition? I think I may get tired of printing entirely in black on very white paper by the end of the run….)
C) I could just start working on those other blocks, since in a moment of crazed internet use ala Gerald inspriation I ordered a bajillion of them….