I hereby pledge to send a handmade gift to the first SIX people who comment on this entry. No real promises about time frame, but itโ€™ll be within the next 365 days.

By the way, I’m going to just keep moving this post to the top until I get 6 people signed up…

Winter Print, 2nd layer

So now I’ve cut the main portion of my “Winter print” for the print exchange. One more linoleum block to go….

The following decisions still need to be made:
– Do I still want a third layer? (yes)
– Which images will be the top/middle/bottom?
– What paper to print on?
– How will I line up the print on the paper?
– What colors will I use?

Between taking this picture and posting it, I’ve tried out this super bright blue color for the snowflakes… which is NOT going to make the final cut…

Two necklaces

Two necklaces I made before Christmas. Both are sterling silver and amber. The top one, however, is made with a “reconstituted” amber bead. It’s kind of like someone took all the cut-offs from their other amber projects, glued them together in a big lump with amber-colored glue, and then shaped/sanded/polished the bead in to shape. The filled-in cracks look pretty neat-o.

Top one was a commissioned piece, sold shortly before Christmas.
Bottom one was a gift to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Disgruntled holiday cookies!!!

This weekend there was a small cookie baking event at D’s house…. two people made ‘normal’ cookies on one side of the kitchen… meanwhile, on the other side… little did they know that B would start an all out disgruntled/disturbed/demented cookie cutting spree…. ok…. maybe D *did* know what would happen if B were involved…. enjoy!

By me:

By B:

(Hopefully I’ll get to post a few more in the next few days if I get more pictures sent to me… I find myself wishing I’d had my camera along pretty often at D’s house….. there were sooo many more cookies i wish i’d have caught on ‘film’!)

Winter print – layer 1

Left side = layer 1 of the winter print I am working on. Eventually there will be 3 blocks to be printed in 3 colors (resulting in a 3-color print). I’ve only finished this one so far. I have until January 15th to finish the rest of the cutting, print 30 copies, and send them to a printing press in California….. so really, it woudl be best if I finished these and put them in the mail by January 12th. wish me luck.

Right side = 3 layers of the same print in different colors and rotated each time. I don’t think it’s a very good outcome, but I’m glad I tried it out. If I would have stopped at just 2 layers, you would have said “hey, that’s pretty neat!”. Next time I say “hey, that’s pretty neat!” I’m either stopping or taking a picture before continuing to prove that it *was* neat.

Industrial supplies as art…..

Here’s what happens when you are attempting to staple canvas to a frame…. and are also positioned exactly on top of a screw which is holding a large metal plate on to the wood….

This staple also currently lives in my wallet…. right next to the ninja sticker ๐Ÿ™‚

More mugs…

You know, it’s hard to keep to a weekly posting schedule in the end of November & beginning of December because you might not want to post pictures of things you’ve made if they are going to eventually be gifts… these were gifted today, so it’s safe to post them:

Ice critters in my front yard….

Oh no! They MOVE!!!

I can take no credit for these. It was all the work of J & Ian (as it was pointed out to me eariler – you can’t abbreviate his name and still make your point — it’s true!)