Winter print – layer 1

Left side = layer 1 of the winter print I am working on. Eventually there will be 3 blocks to be printed in 3 colors (resulting in a 3-color print). I’ve only finished this one so far. I have until January 15th to finish the rest of the cutting, print 30 copies, and send them to a printing press in California….. so really, it woudl be best if I finished these and put them in the mail by January 12th. wish me luck.

Right side = 3 layers of the same print in different colors and rotated each time. I don’t think it’s a very good outcome, but I’m glad I tried it out. If I would have stopped at just 2 layers, you would have said “hey, that’s pretty neat!”. Next time I say “hey, that’s pretty neat!” I’m either stopping or taking a picture before continuing to prove that it *was* neat.

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