Broken glass…..

A week or two ago Steve & I tried to free a pane of glass from a wooden frame…. and ended up vacuuming my yard instead 🙂

Nifty – eh?

Pussy Willow

Last year I received some pussy willows in a vase as a gift. Since one stalk grew roots, I planted it….. all year it had very few leaves (max 10, I think) and just generally looked like a very sad plant. But this year it has 4 buds!

Spring Flowers – take 3

Notice the new tile floor & new cabinetry in the background of this photo. Yup. I still LOVE my new kitchen…. now to put the moulding back up one of these days…..

Spring flowers – take 1

Flowers for to spruce up my kitchen/dining room table:

(yes – in the background that is a small kiln you see that lived in my kitchen for a couple of weeks 🙂

Wood shavings

I did a little “woodwork” this weekend and on more than one occasion i very nearly drilled too deeply while getting mesmerized by the wood shavings swirling up the drill bit.

Cucuzzi flower

B and I discovered a new vegetable at a local pick-your-own veggie farm — cucuzzi squash! They’re most commonly found in Indian cooking, we think, though (with the help of my mom) have found italian and korean and some other recipes for them, too.

They have nifty looking flowers and many fun squiggly vines 🙂

Blue Glass Head

I try to keep an eye out for mannequin parts for a friend of mine who likes to play with photography that involve body parts-n-such-stuff…. so far I’ve passed up a $1 Michael Jackson mannequin at an auction last summer (sad, I know — i still think of him as “the one who got away” as this was right nearby in deerfield!!) …. i also passed by a set of small children mannequins in Ventura, CA (only $30 each!)because I couldn’t figure out how to get them home with me on a plane (small child-like mannequin in suitcase? creepy. small child-like mannequin in overhead compartment? also creepy. both very good stories buuuuuut…… it was determined a no-go mostly because they wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and I wasn’t going to have time to buy a suitcase after 5pm on a saturday when my flight was leaving at 6am the next morning. i also wasn’t sure i could convince my old roommate to send them in the mail. opening a big box to find two children in it? also creepy 😉 but fun!

ANYWAY. FINALLY this summer i located a body part that was w/in her price range, w/in a reasonable distance from my house, and better yet —- going on sale for 30% off on Sunday! so finally finally finally I got a body part for her and it rode around in the backset of my car looking like this: