Mosaic tile – 2013 Garezera 3×3

One of several tiles made during this summer’s 3×3 in Michigan.
I need examples to demo on (so i don’t have to demo anything on a students’ work), so I end up with a couple of these a year.  I don’t think I photographed the smaller one I did (but i gave it to my mom, so maybe i can get a picture of that one from her).

More fused glass! 2013 Garezera 3×3

Anytime we needed to fire the kiln and there was spare room on the shelves, i’d quick quick put something together to try out this, that, or the other thing. Sometimes I’d be thinking about some way to try something new or a slight twist on something i saw while helping/teaching folks during the day.  This is what i ended up with this this year – I see at least one more glass button coming out of this (lower right corner) and perhaps I’ll set some of the wavy blue/green cabs in some metal jewelry… but the rest is one big question mark.  They may just sit in a bowl in my office for a while until I figure out what to do with them.

Glass Buttons – 2013 Garezera 3×3

Another new glass thing to try – created while in 3×3 this summer.  I intend to use these as decorative elements on some custom sewn items…. which will hopefully make an appearance on this site, er, later.  I’m not sure how *much* later since there’s a small glitch in the plan….. and as usual, I have about a zillion other things in the works at the moment, too. Fun fun!

Glass Barrettes – 2013 Garezera 3×3

Trying out a new thing to do with small glass cabochons.  Barrettes!  
Made these during 3×3.  I’ve yet to wear them…. I’m curious to see if they do OK or whether they end up too heavy to wear comfortably.  Hey – I’ll wear them tomorrow!

Here was an attempt to weave together metal (copper wire) with glass in a “warm glass” kind of way. The stuff that looks like paper is a form of glass, too. Glass powder glued on to a particular kind of paper. It’s… odd stuff. I’m not sure how to use it to get any result that I like just yet. I’m not sure where my pictures of these *after* fusing have disappeared to…. they weren’t that impressive anyway.

The big glob on the right is intended to be sliced apart and rearranged, too.  Someday.

Nightlights – abstract stained glass for Jennifer

Lessons learned:

  1. I forget how much i enjoy stained glass.  (You’d think I’d use this knowledge to get moving on those 4 window panels for my kitchen cabinets – eh?  nope.)
  2. Better planning needed, next time, for where that nightlight bracket lands.  Aim for a seam next time.

Nightlights – fused owl for Lara

Another very late Xmas gift….

After the first firing, both nightlights were flat.  I kept the abstract one flat,
but wanted to try making the owl light curved.
Curved owl light in the dark.

Daytime view of the curved owl nightlight.

As always, more lessons learned:

  1. First attempt at curving the panel was on a metal dish of unknown origin…. stainless steel is OK, but this one was not guaranteed steel…. and i ended up freaking myself out thinking of all the awful chemicals i might be unleashing on my house and stopped that firing.  Next time, no messing around like that.
  2. If using a ceramic (unglazed) bowl…. ventilation is key.  (I broke that bowl in half — but it worked anyway!!)
  3. This nightlight, so far, seems to be of a more decent weight for the glue I used.  I’ve not heard of this one falling apart just yet….

Nightlights – abstract fused glass for Linz

A very late Xmas project ….

Two nightlights fit on one shelf for firing.  The one in the back is the one pictured here.

Here’s what it looks like (kind of) when it’s turned on
And here’s what it looks like in broad daylight.

Lessons learned?
  1. Three layers at this size (roughly 4″ x 6″)  is too heavy for the first kind of glue I used :/  Linz reports that it fell off of the nightlight bracket in less than a week :/
  2. It’s harder to take accurate “in the dark” pictures than I imagined
  3. I still like fused glass with that extra layer of clear on the top (to make it look deep or submerged) a lot.